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I come from a family where pigeon racing is in our blood. At a certiain point there were so many ooyen's that we could make our own club. Like my father who I raced with, and he taught me how to fancy pigeons. And then there were my brothers, uncles and cousins, all addicted to pigeon racing.

Then Sandra came, and we started as a combination from 1989. Besides my job I take care of the older racers, while Sandra takes care of the youngsters.

We started of with pigeons we got as gifts, but that didn't work out. You have to have the good pigeons to start with. Therefore we went to Kees Bosua in 1995. From 1996 till 2003 we succeeded with those birds. Look at our stockbreeders like Sabrina and Romeo. After a few years we went to Piet vd Merwe to by some more pigeons.

We crossed the two bloodlines and with succes. The breeders are now 75% Kees Bosua and 25% Piet vd Merwe.

In 2007 we got some late Youngsters from Reedijk-Jongekrijg and Walter de Rijk.

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Comb.Ooyen – Groenewegen Dordrecht